Neon lights

As you have noticed Kodak Vision 3 500T film is my favourite colour material. Especially for red and green colours reproduction. However to really use its potential you need to have tungsten lights. And a spectacular subject. I was lucky as Sandra was in Warsaw the same day. In the cold autumn/winter day we were not going to shoot outside in the evening, looking for city lights (this is especially good idea while raining – you have extra light reflections from the ground). Instead we have found a neon museum in the city. That was it. After asking for permission to take few photos, we were checking for place where I will have magical neons in the background and enough light on my model’s face. Of course I didn’t want to have blue or green light on her as this combination is not working well with women. I must admit that searching for proper spot and perspective took most of time. Photo itself is quick, especially with Sandra that can play any role so easily. Moreover she has choosen big red flower and lovely red dress that reflected all those lights.

All photos taken with Hasselblad 205 and Kodak Vision film.

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