Born in Poland. Living in Belgium. Self taught photographer working in analogue photography of all kinds, always experimenting and trying new techniques.

More making than taking photos, I enjoy both the process of preparing a photograph, and the moment when it’s final shape is revealed. In composing an image all details are important, but above all I hold the emotion that is conveyed.

In my early days as a photographer I have used a digital camera, but once I tried medium format and film I never looked back. The feeling of your fingers on the precisely made body, breathtaking image you see on a big, bright, almost 3d like viewfinder and the sound of the shutter took my heart. It is true that the photo is not razor sharp but, i find, that gives a sculpture like quality to the human body and enhances all its emotions. Additionaly I get beautiful contrasts, and colors so natural you will never have in digital world.

I work mainly with medium format (Hasselblad, Pentax 67, Rolleiflex 66), sporadically with large format (Graflex 4×5, Mentor 5×7), and recently with 35mm (Leica). I am trying different films, and buying what is cheapest on the market, and can provide me a good quality.

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