A portrait of woman.

This time in a photo meeting in Michalowice it was quite dark and rainy. Not many people did photos. Conditions for that were really dramatic. I have found this girl sitting and also being bored as I was. So I have prepared two simple stylizations. I have asked a hairstylist to do curly hair for her. Took Ilford HP5+ film that decided to shoot on ISO1600. I took some portraits using a sofa that was standing next to the window, where I had enough light to create steady shots and have nice contrast on my model. It was our first meeting so we did a few shots. Then for the second stylization, I asked my friend’s photographer to pose with her for a while. The photoshoot itself was a pleasure. Without any rush, simply chilling out, talking, and catching her into images. I walked around my model, looking for nice deep shadows, but still having her face in the light. She was just herself, natural beauty with those wild eyes. Me in a role of a director instructed her to try different poses and looks, to play with clothes in order to show or hide her feminity – trying to save those moments. Indeed we could shoot like that forever. But the light has gone very quickly. Below you may see all we have managed to accomplish.

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