Priest and nun

This time at photo meeting in Michalowice we wanted to create a story with a priest included:) Models came to me with this idea and they organised stylisation and that made me to prepare well for that. I have spent a bit of time to walk and search for environment where I can put my stories. With more than one person you need more space. You want to show them both. Background will be visible and that means it must be arranged to create context for a story. You have not only to think about details in the scene but also about the light to have it enough on all characters included.

We decided to have a walk together thought dark rooms of the Cinema theatre. Mobile phones (especially those with multiple lenses) are great replacement of Polaroid camera nowadays. I have used it to check how the perspective and scene will look like and if I would have enough light on both people. I knew I cannot use smaller aperture than f4.0 to keep both model faces in focus.

Indeed conditions were more difficult that I expected. It was dark and spaces were narrow. I decided to focus on closeups and emotions on their faces to create my little stories. Happily Albert and Sandra were great in their roles, that made me directing them really pleasant. We had really good time while creating those games.

Finally I shoot mainly on f5.6 and tried to put both my models close to each other to keep them both in focus. After photoshoot I was worried there was not enough light and photos may be blurred. All this waiting time from the moment you take photos to the moment you develop them – keeps me always in the void state. Sometimes I even don’t want them to be developed to not feel the disappointment when they came bad. Happily this time it was nice surprise and I may share these images with you now.

All photos made on Ilford HP5+ film. Pushed two stops as these were shoot on ISO 1600.


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    Inspired and inspiring. Wow.

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