Before I started portrait and model photography I was taking pictures of landscapes. I still like it, even if now I do not have so many opportunities and time to do such photographs.
However, there is a city that I have recently visited, and fell in love with it. That is why I would like to share with you some photographs I have taken there.
I have come to Tallin (Estonia) autumn 2017 to spend a weekend there. Didn’t expect that it will be so beautiful. Especially after seeing completely boring Helsinki a day before. That is just 90km distance. So when I was heading Tallin by ferry I was not having great expectations.
After leaving the port I have taken a long long walk through its magical streets. Exhausted and surprised with a charm saved in those medieval buildings I have decided to wake up early morning next day to take some photos of it. Waking up with sunrise is the tough part. However later when you walk alone on the street, wait for the sun to come a bit more up, and loading your film in total tranquillity …it is really rewarding. No cars and no people were passing me. It was just myself and ancient buildings established centuries ago.  Each in its own unique style. I have made a tour through my favorite places I have noticed a day before. Stopping sometimes, appreciating the moment, contemplating the beauty and taking photos. I had with me only one roll of Konica Minolta 220mm film, that was long time expired. So I had to use it wisely. Pentax with 75mm did most of the job. When the sun was already too high in the sky and groups of pedestrians flooded the streets, I found a charming place called Rukis Kohvik-Pagarikoda, where I had a great coffee. I must admit it was the best place to finish my morning walk throughout this remarkable town.

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