Cannes in black and white

A weekend trip outside the season can be the best moment to take some photos. Hotels are cheap, and the sun is low, not excessively hot, and most important not many tourists.
As I have been living in Cannes in the past, I explored a bit surrounding areas. That is how I have found this boutique hotel with authentic atmosphere. Perfect location as close to train station that takes directly to the airport or any photo location, and additionally close to the sea. However most important is the interior of the site that I can use. In this case, I had all. Lovely decorated room, and swimming pool with palm trees. What is the missing ingredient? A beautiful woman and some story to move a viewer’s imagination.
My wife as always was perfect as a model. We have selected swimsuit, hat, and shoes that all were having both black and white elements. With such a carefully chosen outfit we could start to create. The first hour we have spent at the swimming pool. With the help of two waiters and a friend we were able managed to add some narration. It is never a bad idea to ask for help. And results may be better than you initially thought.
Later we have moved to the Croisette (the main promenade in Cannes), where in front of the Carlton hotel, we have found a broad empty platform, with just some white umbrellas on it. A perfect place for our shooting.
All photos you find here I took with Hasselblad 2000 with 110mm lens and an Ilford HP5+ film.

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