Sadie in Brussels

Sadie came from Italy to Brussels for few days, and we were quite lucky to catch up with each other. Until last day I wasn’t sure if shooting we have planned will take place in my apartment or a classy hotel I was trying to organize. Recently I was taking too many pictures at my site so that I needed something fresh and different. Happily, I have managed to get this splendid room in an ancient hotel in the very center of Brussels. It made pretty convenient for Sadie who didn’t know the city very well.

The room I was about to do the shooting had been designed with a great taste, making it a perfect choice to use color film again. As usual, my decision was Kodak Portra, that I like for its natural and well-balanced color reproduction. I also took few rolls of black and white Ilford HP5+ negative. As it was not a long distance from my place, I have decided to take two cameras with me. Hasselblad 2000 always equipped with 110mm lens, and a Pentax 67 together with 75mm lens, for wider shots.
I have also searched my wardrobe for some clothes that might go well with this unique background and my beautiful model. All that to the bag and headed to meet her at the hotel.

The rooms we have been offered were spacious and provided many opportunities for shoots.
The light that day was not the best I could wish, so I decided to use some lamps we have found there. That not only added some brightness but also accentuated the character of this place.
Unfortunately, Sadie was slightly short of time, so we have quickly gone through stylization I have brought, picking two that were about to be used during the photo session.
The dark turquoise body was not only fitting her well, but its pattern combined ideally into a background. This one I have decided to keep longer on her, also because I didn’t want to undress her, as most photographers do. I have thought if she is so often depicted like that, I will do opposite to have something different. Showing her classy without extensive nudity was a way to go.

The photoshoot went fast as Sadie is an experienced model. She knows her body well and can shape it in the way that I and the composition are satisfied. Moreover, she is a good listener and effortlessly posed as I requested. Thanks to that we have managed to keep our shooting short, especially that it was our first time, so we could use spare time for having some tea in the hotel lobby.
There I was hoping to take some voyeurism photographs (including nudity), however number of clients and waiters didn’t allow us to succeed. Nevertheless, tea, a pleasant conversation, together with the charm of this place recompensed that.

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  1. Itzchak Amitay
    29 December 2017 / 10:38 am

    very nice and flattering!

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