Red and Green

Red and Green are colors that Kodak Vision 3 500T reproduces like no other film material (not mentioning digital solutions) can. Most of high quality hollywood movies you know (Dunkirk, Lalaland, The Hateful Eight, James Bond) are recorded on that. To shoot it with your analog camera you first buy it in big can and then roll it by yourself on a 120mm film. When developing it after, remember to remove Remjet before a C41 process. If you don’t have the possibility to play with it – use Cinestill – simplified and preprocessed version of Kodak Vision.

This time I wanted to use it to create a painting-like effect – add a bit of poetry to the image. I needed simple graphical images. Details were not important at all. To achieve that I shoot at crazy times: 1/6 to 1/2 sec handheld. I wanted to have the duotone look. With red as a dominant color.

My model was Sandra – a sorceress that can express every emotion with such a grace. If you will ever have a chance to work with her – don’t hesitate. She could be a female version of the Joker. Anyway, I have created those photos just after seeing this motion picture, so you may notice that the bathroom dance scene together with its color scheme did inspire me.

Photoshoot was whole done at night with artificial lights only. We did a tour in the theatre in Michalowice, walking through rooms, exploring different light conditions. I publish most of photos I took there so that you may observe how background and illumination influences the final scene. However the mood is still kept.

Everything shoot with Hasselblad 205FE

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