Radoslaw Pujan


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Photographs are made using analog techniques, and are available as Limited edition prints.
All available works are archival pigment prints on premium 100% cotton acid free papers that have been designed for museum quality. Their acid-free base is designed for extended durability and print stability to preserve fine art photos.

  • Velvet Fine Art - is a mat 100% acid free cotton rag - Beautifully textured, heavy and stiff fine art paper which adds dimension to the print whereas it doesn’t impose itself on the subject of the image. It features a velvet surface for a distinctive museum-quality feel and has an extremely deep black tones.

  • Museo Silver Rag is a 300gsm Baryta paper with award winning Museo® SilverRag™ coating. It shows extraordinary depth and detail along with the semi-gloss finish of traditional fiber-based photo paper. The surface has a light texture and slightly yellow color that allows to print rich blacks. That combination makes it perfect for photographs made with traditional techniques.

Below you may find all available works. If you are interested in the photo not listed here, please contact me directly.