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"[...]Dostoevsky, although a pessimist himself, believed that 'beauty will save the world'. Instead of attempting to promote various 'isms', art should start to lure again. Lure like a beautiful woman, like music, or like Radoslaw's Pujan photographs. They have lured me. They resemble elements of erotic dreams encapsulated in black-and-white frames. Like the timeless charm of nostalgic affairs that we wish to experience, but we lack the refinement and elegance. They also hold soothing calm, tranquility, and poetry.[...]" - Rafal Olbinski

Discover the charms of some precisely selected photographs I have imagined, realized and collected through my artistic timeline.
Dive into worlds I record on film. You will find there individual and intimate images, that I have taken to immortalized women whom I adore and have worked with for many years.
Around 100 photographs of Women - powerful portraits, creative fashion, and sensual nudes, all black and white and collected together in 136 pages book.
In this photo album, I have tried to explore different levels and nuances of the feminity. From fragile, emotional, through demonstrative and strong, to seducing and erotic.
The images are telling a story of depicted women, sometimes in a graphical way, the other time in a sensual and deep form. Each composition even if visually simple is often a complex creation. Blending a light narration with a woman's deep emotions and nuanced sensibility. It is a specific attempt to touch a female's sophisticated nature, and exhibit it together with their enchanting grace and intimate beauty.

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Radoslaw Pujan - Kobiety/Women
First edition, October 2018
Hardcover, 24 x 32 cm, 136 pages
offset printing, silk paper 150gsm
ISBN 978-83-7576-380-5

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