I want a perfect body

Like in a Radiohead song, everyone wishes to have the perfect body… as she has. I have noticed other girls get jealous while watching her naked.

That day in Michalowice it was raining, raining the whole day. The mood was depressing. The weather was terrible outside, and in the house it was so dark, that almost nobody was making photos. Angela was walking around complaining about how to survive that day without photoshoots:) I also was not able to realize my ideas that I have planned with her, all because of this weather. Time to use the brain…where is the only place I can take photos… and how to do them interesting enough in such conditions. The only place to do that was a long series of windows. I have found a big white screen that was used for projecting a movie day before. I have set this screen perpendicularly to windows, to have a sidelight on the body. I needed a deeper shadow on the other side of the model. So I have put large black cloth opposite to windows, perpendicularly to the white screen. I was ready to do some bodyscapes with Angela’s perfect silhouette. To immortalize her on photographs I wanted to do connect Mapplethorpe form with Avedon aesthetics.

I have measured light with my Hasselblad accompanied with 110mm lens. Full open on Ilford HP5+ it gave me 1/5 sec. That may be not enough even with my steady hands. So I have to push it 2 stops and shoot at ISO1600. I was talking to my model to try different poses. I wanted to see how the light brings interesting forms from this silhouette, while keeping the right composition. We have tried some standing and sitting poses. Couple of photos with a movement. I quickly took two rolls of film. Below you may check the results. I must admit I was surprised how good it went, in those conditions and having this simple set. Seems like Angela and a plane white background did a great job.


  1. 18 August 2018 / 6:04 pm

    Beautiful model. The photos turned out great!

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    7 March 2021 / 4:01 pm

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    20 May 2021 / 4:43 pm

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    2 September 2021 / 3:01 pm

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